my dubious heritage

File this under “ways to waste time with your Asus EEE PC” since if not for the built-in webcam, I’d likely have not bothered with this. But bothered with it, I did, and here’s the result:

Abishek Bachan? I guess all we desis do look alike. I have not, to my knowledge, inspired my spouse to fast for a day out of devotion, however.

Howard Dean? curious indeed. Political heritage rather than genetic? I am pseudo-infamous for having launched a little blog that I am proud to say played some role in the Dean campaign. Back during those heady days, we tossed about the idea of a TV commercial where ordinary folk would stare into the camera and say, “I am Howard Dean.” How prophetic is that!

John Lennon? I guess I do have that subversive, yet pragmatic revolutionary bent.

Hugo Weaving? Am I an elf lord, disdainful of those inferior to me yet also accepting that they must supplant me? Or am I a construct that rebels against its cage? Either way, cooool.