back atcha, captcha!

Until now, I’ve required users to be registered on the blog in order to leave comments. I’ve realized however that this does act as a deterrent to people who would impulsively comment but don’t want to load a few extra screens. So, I have taken a cue from Shamus and installed a captcha plugin. I’m using a derivative of the one he uses, called Peter’s Math Anti-Spam Plugin, and again taking a cue from Shamus I’ve configured it so it shows exactly the same math problem every time. (Incidentally, please assume completeness of the Real numbers before answering. Thank you.)

If you are a registered user, and are logged in (use the handy login form on top of sidebar) you won’t ever see the captcha. I am still disabling all pingbacks and trackbacks, and have also installed a domain blacklist to prevent spammy email addresses from registering (mostly Sorry, Russian Haibane fans). And I’ve got Akismet purring along in the background. Spam hasn’t really been a problem until now and if this (marginally) more open scheme results in a big increase in spam from registered bots, then I’ll yank it.

10 thoughts on “back atcha, captcha!”

  1. I’ve been watching too much Samurai Jack. Maybe I should actually blog about it instead of all this meta navel gazing…

  2. Am I your first random visitor? If so I appear to have picked a good day for it. May I come in and read a bit?

  3. frogg, you are indeed! also your comment reminded me to turn off the mod queue for new commentors. sorry about the delay.

    Steven, Samurai Jack runs about $25 per season, $100 for the complete set at Amazon. I think it’s pretty reasonable, about $2 an episode (52 total). It’s on my “must buy” list, tho at present we are netflixing them (again). My wife and daughter are both hooked. I’ve got a long post in draft about the 1st ep coming up tomorrow.

    update: huh. just did the math; if you avoid the complete set and add the individual season box sets to your cart on Amazon, you save $15. That works out to $1.60 per ep. strange that Amazon overcharges for the bundling of the same 8 discs.

  4. I have a few episodes of Jack on, of all things, DVD-RAM. It was amazing initially, but seemed to be going nowhere in the middle, so I lost interest after the episodes with the spy and spartans. Does it have an ending?

  5. the saga doesn’t resolve the primary plot, but there is at least one very strong hint in the course of the series (I think in season 3) that Jack does eventually succeed. The rumor is that there is a full length movie planned to resolve the storyline.

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