Kid Fusion

What’s a normal teen like 17-year old Thiago Olson to do nowadays? play video games? hang out at the mall? build a working fusion prototype in his parents’ basement?

My favorite part:

“Originally, he wanted to build a hyperbolic chamber,” [Thiago’s mom] said, adding that she promptly said no. But, when he came asking about the nuclear fusion machine, she relented.

A hyperbolic chamber, eh? Yeah, right. Mom, you got rolled. Kid: ask for a DeLorean next.

3 thoughts on “Kid Fusion”

  1. don’t you mean hyperbaric? regardless, isn’t that a relatively dull, and safe thing compared to a fusion reactor?

  2. Hyperbaric (high pressure) would scare the dickens out of me, depending on the pressures involved. But yes, if you consider that the fusion experiment could produce neutrons and consider the high voltage required, the fusion experiment would be worse. That wasn’t the point I was trying to make.

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