help is on the way

Sony will rush more PS3’s to US retailers to help with the “shortage”. So now my local WalMart will have four on the shelf instead of two sitting unsold. You have to give Sony points for wishful thinking!

Do I even need to mention the obvious: the Wii outsold every other game console system in January. This despite the “shortages” of PS3 and the actual shortages of the Wii on shelves.

Incidentally, last weekend I discovered the Virtual Console on the Wii. I downloaded Super Mario Brothers and man, that took me back… I need to get Ice Hockey next! (Plus, web browsing on the Wii using the free Opera browser is pretty awesome. I’ll post a screenshot…)

2 thoughts on “help is on the way”

  1. Is Blades of Steel available? That was always my favorite hocky game…

    Does the opera browser include some sort of wrist-flicking equivalent to mouse gestures? That’s one of my favorite features of the regular browser (I know Firefox has a plugin, but it’s kinda buggy and nowhere near as good as Opera’s).

  2. i’ll take a look – i would be very surprised if it wasnt, though. I remember blades of steel, I still preferred ice hockey myself 🙂

    the opera browser actually doesnt seem to support Opera gestures, I think it might be confusing given that you also move the wiimote to navigate anyway. Not sure how the system could differentiate the two…

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