Steve Irwin

Rest in peace. AICN has a fantastic eulogy. I think that Irwin lived a life on the edge because he genuinely loved these animals, and because he wanted to share that love with children. This is the answer to anyone who says that zoos are evil; only by education can we instill the feeling of love and respect for nature that is a prerequisite for us to be good stewards and appreciate the fragility of nature’s bounty.

Was he a bit of a nut? Well, yes. So what? Steve paid the ultimate price but in doing so he did a lot of good and taught a lot of children about nature, and that will be his legacy.

One thought on “Steve Irwin”

  1. His death is so unfortunate. Very few people who love animals can show it the way he did.

    Good stewardship is definitely lacking, and has been for a long time. 🙁

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