Welcome, stranger!

So, you got here via Oceangram, eh? I assume you read the following message in a bottle:

We are all castaways on the ocean of culture. But some castaways have more in common than others. If you spend your time on the deserted sandy beach dreaming of Anime, Science Fiction, and other geek miscellanea, then drop by Haibane.info. There’s a welcome message for you here:

Welcome, stranger!

Do drop by! The welcome mat will never fade… And leave a comment, using guest account login gilligan, password [REDACTED].

I think that leaving URLs in oceangrams is the best possible use. After all, Google itself represents a vaster sea of random enlightenment than any ocean – simulated or otherwise. I wager that the actual bandwidth of real bottles in the real ocean is pretty much negligible compared to this very blog alone.

I think I’ll throw a bottle with the message above into Oceangrams on a regular basis. I’m eager to see who ends up on this shore as a result.

hat tip to Steven, Shamus, and Da Duck.

2 thoughts on “Welcome, stranger!”

  1. This website seems to have gone down. Probably some spammer hacked it and tried to send thousands of spam in a bottle. Computers breaking is the current theme of my life. Two multi-million dollar instruments that I work with don’t function currently due to software problems. At least I have time to post here. 🙂

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