Stargate sequels?

Stargate DVDThe most magical thing about the original StarGate movie was how it took our own ancient history and intertwined it into something epic. It took the Erich von Daniken mythos and gave it a serious treatment, asking What IF? as only SF can do. And the result was a blast of a movie that the television spinoff never really rivaled.

Well, Dean Devlin is back and has plans for two sequels. Via AICN:

Devlin is currently in negotiations with MGM regarding the development of two STARGATE theatrical sequels. These would complete the trilogy originally planned by Devlin and then-partner (but still friend) Roland Emmerich – and would stand independently of television spin-offs STARGATE SG-1 and STARGATE ATLANTIS. Devlin indicates that original leads Kurt Russell and James Spader have already expressed interest in returning.

If memory serves, Devlin once suggested that STARGATE sequels would be different in tone and setting than the original film — each continuing an arcing storyline of humankind –VS- alien opportunists/overlords, but in divergent locals. Could be interesting to see where this goes…especially if issues like cultural connection are played upon as they were in first film. Wonder how the conceit might feel in today’s splintered world?

More details at SciFiWire.

One thought on “Stargate sequels?”

  1. Devlin should not have been so optimistic. He has no chance of making these movies, for he is almost certainly uniformly reviled by MGM, as he has been for years.

    MGM has consistently stated that SG-1 et al is the official continuation of the movie, and they probably seen no reason to contradict that after 12+ years of financial and cultural success. Far from being open-minded, the “new” leadership at MGM is just as rigid and inflexible as their predecessors regarding this issue, and one of their top dogs is an SG-1 fan.

    So no dice for this. Devlin should give up and return to his own work, and let this franchise continue on. He should be proud that his movie was transformed and turned into such a successful product, even if they retconned it beyond what he wanted.

    He doesn’t control it; MGM does. If they say the TV series is canon, then there is no contradicting it. That is fact.

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