20 GB cloud storage for 99 cents (and Lady Gaga)

Lady Gaga, presumably not born this way
I can’t claim to be a big fan of Lady Gaga, especially since her new hit single Born This Way is a straight rip-off of the far more talented Madonna’s Express Yourself.

In fact, you’d probably have to bribe me to listen to Lady Gaga. With, say, 20 GB of disk space on Amazon’s new Cloud Drive serviceWhich, as a matter of fact, is precisely the deal today – for $0.99, you can get the upgrade to 20 GB from Amazon, as long as you download Gaga’s album. This is a good deal despite the forcible auditory abuse, and it ends today, so hurry up!

For 99 cents this is a great deal. 20GB on Amazon Cloud Drive is 4x the size of Microsoft’s SkyDrive and 10x more than Dropbox. The service also integrates with Amazon’s new music service so you can access any music you buy from Amazon on any device, immediately without re-uploading.

4 thoughts on “20 GB cloud storage for 99 cents (and Lady Gaga)”

  1. I think this is a ploy to make this new album the best seller of all time by a female – maybe by anyone. It may also be a push to move Gaga into the top-selling female artist position.

    It’s just too much of a gimmick on a new album supposedly filled with good music.

  2. I don’t doubt the rest of the album is born that way either. I had a paragraph in this post explaining how superior Madonna is in all respects to Gaga, but then realized this was more lame than my usual lameness. This is supposed to be an anime and geekblog after all 😛

    anyway, 20 GB too good to pass up. Sold. I have a feeling though my daughters will enjoy the gaga on the ipod.

  3. Maybe you should listen to music before you shit talk it. Seems fair right?

  4. oh, I’ve heard plenty of Gaga. It’s basically forced on you when you turn a radio on nowadays. I will admit to sorta liking Paparazzi.

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