One thought on “Interrupts, Context Switching, and Communication”

  1. Meh. I don’t have much trouble cranking out documentation anymore. Wasn’t always that way, mind you, but on my last project there were an awful lot of conversations like this:

    coworker: How does [some feature] work?
    me: Have you looked in the manual? That’s covered in section 3.
    coworker: Uh…. No…


    coworker: I get an error when I issue this command.
    me: What’s the status I return? There’s a table on page 121.
    coworker: Uh…..

    My manual for that particular project ran to 1600 pages when it was all over, but I did the bits that affected my coworkers (packet formats, log entry formats, custom Lua commands, etc.) up front so they had stuff to work from. Yeah, it was a bit of a moving target, but I did pretty good at keeping them up to date.

    ‘Course, I’m working for the gummint these days, so I don’t have the same sort of deadline pressures I used to have…

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