Calvin and Jobs

Hobbes has been replaced by Steve Jobs:

Brilliant. I especially love how Jobbes turns into a stuffed toy when the parents or others are around. The artwork is perfect, but the comic has a sharp edge, too:

Calvin: Jeez! How come all your stuff so expensive, Jobs?
Jobs: Well, Calvin, it’s carefully put together by some of the world’s most ingenious craftsmen!
Calvin: Really? But isn’t it slapped together in China like just about everything else?
Jobs: I was talking about our ads.

Somehow I don’t think Bill Watterson is going to be as tolerant of this as Jim Davis was with Garfield Minus Garfield… speaking of the latter, travors just signed a book deal with Davis’ blessing.

3 thoughts on “Calvin and Jobs”

  1. HAHAHA! that’s awesome! Well played…

    However, /sob, it does bring back the memories Calvin and Hobbes.

    Calvin and Jobe is indeed funny and witty!

    but Oh! the pain, make the pain go away…

  2. Jobs, not Jobe…. damnit. Where’s the edit button when you need it.

    stupid speeling.

  3. Would have been funnier if Steve had been head-down in that last frame. Ok, so I want him to suffer for his hubris. But I’m not partial; I want a Bill Gates doll in the next can over…

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