wavatarsShamus Young has released a new avatar plugin, called “Wavatars” (the W stands for “Whatever”). This plugin closely mirrors ScottSM’s WP_MonsterID plugin, with added optional support for Gravatars built-in (the plugin can be set to default to a Wavatar if no Gravatar is present). Whether you intend to use wavatars, monsterIDs, or the purely abstract geometric shapes really depends on the overall style and tone of your blog. I’m still using MonsterID over at Haibane.info (which has a much more relaxed, casual atmosphere) but I’ll adopt wavatars for this blog since it has a more didactic voice.

5 thoughts on “Wavatars”

  1. I like them too, and I am less biased than you are 🙂

    If I had a feature wishlist though, I’d like to see a single unified plugn between yours and Scott’s, that lets you select from the options page which “creature skin” to use (Classic Shamus, Stylized Shamus, Monsters, Geometry, others…). Also the option to default to Gravatars, and even let users themselves select on a per-blog basis somehow which skin/gavatars to use.

  2. I love them too, but I can’t seem to get them to work on my wordpress blog. at first, it complained that it couldn’t write to the wp-content/cache/wavatar folder, so i created it the folder. it stopped complaining about that but the wavatar cache is always empty. its like it doesn’t have permission to create the images. i’m about to give up.

  3. Maybe it’s a problem with your webhost? you need certain graphics libraries installed. Shamus (the author of the plugin) can probably assist you if you contact him about it.

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