a good router day

I’ve been rocking almost 300 kb/sec on utorrent since last night. It’s insane, and a bit giddy. I slurped down all of the a. f. k. fansub of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei in less than an hour (though the a.f.k. version only goes to episode 10. I grabbed episoe 11 from “Anonymous.” if someone has a better suggestion, let me know.)

I might as well grab Denno Coil too, on the basis of Don’s emphatic recommendation. (I see a sub by Ureshii which looks promising). I admit to being intrigued by Pete’s comment as well, even though he couldn’t bring himself to finish it. I’ve written on depressing anime before, and I’m not sanguine about the emotional investment involved, but I won’t ever forget what a great ride Haibane Renmei was and if a series can get me even half as high then I don’t mind hitting the ground later on. It’s worth it, in my calculus.

Sadly, I can’t find any torrents for Moyashimon out there (any pointers, anyone?). Maybe I’ll look for Petite Princess Yucie, too, though I do have quite a to-watch list building up already.

5 thoughts on “a good router day”

  1. Moyashimon is listed at AnimeSuki. com. (I’d post the link, but the antispam mechanism here will cancel my comment.)

  2. I think Pete’s overreacting a bit, from where he said he got up to, anyways. Dennou Coil is nowhere near Grave of the Fireflies levels. It’s not all sweetness and light, but there’s no need to watch the show expecting all the kids to die, alone, in the cold.

  3. I hated Lain also.

    Noir also isn’t really catching my interest, though it certainly is a lot more visually appealing. I don’t hate it, though, and will keep it around for later.

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