2 thoughts on “bwahaha!”

  1. When I did the fitness test, it said I was 29, which is pretty darn close. I need to get some more games though. Wii Sports is great, but I’ve already played it alot on friends’ systems and it’s not as fun in 1 player mode. Wii Play is terrible, aside from maybe 1 or 2 of the mini-games. Right now, I’m considering Zelda, the new Metroid, and a friend wants me to get Madden 08 so that I can play him online.

  2. Agreed that Wii Sports is more fun with a partner; my 5-year old usually suffices for that 🙂 As for Wii Play, I see it as a $10 game that came bundled with the extra $40 remote I was going to buy anyway 😛 I am looking forward to Wii Fit (with hte board) and also there will be a few new minigame compilations coming out that might be worth checking out. I’ve really wanted to try out Brain Academy too.

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