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  1. possibly the single most interesting character in the Firefly/Serenity universe. Well, apart from Captain Mal.

    I am highly reluctant to tell you more because I do believe that Firefly is the single best science fiction television show ever made – better than Galactica, better than Star Trek TOS/TNG/whatever, better than Dr Who, better than, well, anything else, ever.

    Yes, even better than Haibane Renmei or Sugar.

    (your mileage may vary).

    And it’s only 14 frakkin’ episodes. That’s good in terms of low bar to entry, but bad because – well, there’s only 14 frakkin’ episodes.

  2. Well, as a science fiction, I’d agree it’s better than Haibane Renmei or Sugar… 😉 Well, I don’t know about better than Haibane Renmei otherwise…

    As for the length, yeah, it’s only fourteen episodes, but the first episode is two hours long and the rest are one hour each. More viewing time than 26 half-hour episodes of anime (and much better paced most of them), yet there is so much more that can be shown about the universe that the characters inhabit. It’s good and it sucks that the Serenity movie and the short graphic novel does a sufficient job tying up of important plotlines.

    As for the proposed movie… I’d watch it. It’s not as if it’s likely that Josh Whedon would be able to make any more (though a well budgeted animated series would be a nice…).

  3. While I love Firefly/Serenity, there is one gaping problem with it and that is that they never really finished it. Sure, Serenity made an attempt and did a reasonable job tying some things off, but there were plenty of things left unexplored (or were rushed in the movie). I’d still highly recommend it to anyone even remotely interested, but comparison to Haibane Renmei suffers because HR is at least complete. In terms of sheer artistry, I’d say they are on roughly equal terms. In terms of fun and rewatchability, Firefly wins hands down. The only downside, again, is frustration that there isn’t _more_ of the series.

  4. It should be noted though that Firefly was incomplete solely due to the show being cancelled by Fox – it wasn’t intended to end where it did.

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