high-def DVD format madness

Meet quad-layer DVD, the third high-def DVD format after Blu-Ray and HD-DVD:

UK-based New Medium Enterprises (NME) has developed the Versatile Multilayer Disc (VMD), a new optical-based format capable of storing 20GB of data.

Unlike HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc, VMD is a red-laser technology that achieves its storage capacity by using a greater number of layers. VMD is precisely the same size and thickness as DVD. However, while DVD technology utilizes two layers of a disc, VMD technology has conceived multi-layering, where up to 5GB can easily be stored on each layer.

Naturally, new DVD players will be required. Had enough? I think I’m going to sit this format war out. I’ll just BT anything I can’t find on old DVD. The concept of fixed physical media is so 20th century oldskool anyway.

2 thoughts on “high-def DVD format madness”

  1. That’s really stupid. They need 4 layers for only 20 GB? Blu-Ray puts 25G per layer, one or two layers. Sounds like this VMD is still using red lasers instead of blue.

  2. It is indeed using red lasers. Their argument is that extending traditional DVD technology will lead to cheaper manufacturing and cheaper players. Though they do note that the technology is compatible with blue lasers; the article predicts storage capacity of 200GB on a single disc.

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