As you may have noticed, the category list here keeps on growing 🙂 I just find that there are many things I am interested in, things that I appreciate that I want to share. I certainly am as surprised as anyone else who knows me to find that “Art” now ranks among those things – I never fancied myself much of an art critic. And yet, Art is a broad enough term that I can interpret as I see fit. I suppose I am excluding music from the definition since I already have a Sound category; likewise with food. Those are arbitrary delineations, but meaningful to me. At any rate, I am a dabbler; this blog is my canvas. Let the psychoanalyses begin 🙂

For the record, as of this writing, Meta posts every other category. Obviously, I like blogging about blogging more than everything else 😛


3 thoughts on “topicality”

  1. I was looking for the same option as Don was above. I came here initially for the anime, but I do enjoy reading all the topics you do post about.

  2. Other works well as a catch-all 🙂 I am encouraged by you guys though. I dont want to come across as pretentious – I know nothing “about” Art or Poetry (my latest addition). I just know what I like and sometimes I can even express why I like it. Though sometimes I can’t.

    Given that Anime is dominating the preferred topics list, however, I really should finish that post about Someday’s Dreamers…

    UPDATE: just looked more carefully. Cat Soup sounds truly twisted. I am intrigued! Have you reviewed it?

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