Reviewing Reamde

BoingBoing has an early review of Reamde up and it has seriously whet my appetite. Gold farming is the hook but apparently Stephenson is also a bit of a gun nut. Who knew? Exciting!

REAMDE, by Neal Stephenson

I’ve pre-ordered my copy from Amazon in save-a-tree format. I actually don’t even own a Kindle but it’s still the best way to read a book, especially one by the Neal. This thing is a thousand pages long.

It’s out on September 20. So basically next Tuesday is a wash for me.

4 thoughts on “Reviewing Reamde”

  1. I’ve preordered as well, but I’ll be traveling starting on 9/22. Normally that would be an ideal time to read… but lugging a Stephenson novel around might give me back problems (I suppose I should invest in a Kindle). I might have to do it though.

  2. you actually don’t even need a Kindle – I have the Kindle app on an iPod, an iPad, and there’s also the web-based reader. I used to have it on my blackberry but the new one i bought isnt supported yet, but surely will be soon.

  3. Yeah, but reading a Stephenson-sized novel on my iPhone seems rather extreme. Given that we only get new Stephenson every 3 years or so, I’m fine with drawing this out a little longer than I normally would… Or maybe I’ll just deal with the back pain!

  4. I’m disappointed. I usually find out about a new Neal novel by some sort of viral hijinks on the internet. This one caught me by surprise.

    Oh, and Mark, I actually read the bulk of Anathem on my iPhone. It’s not as bad as you think.

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