Detling Adventures

A long overdue link has been added to the sidebar – Detling Adventures, named for a Wisconsin Matron and looking-glass universe of a certain second floor of a certain dormitory at the University iof Wisconsin campus in Madison. The proprietor, going by the pseudonym Christian Neuhass, is known for flights of fancy and oft-macabre humor of a delicious sort, laden with irony, mysticism, and misdirection. Enter if you dare.

One thought on “Detling Adventures”

  1. Thank you! A play I cowrote has taken up my attention since last summer, so I haven’t made any recent updates to the blog. There are still a couple of complete story arcs in there though. I expect to take a long vacation in August and may have an opportunity to write some new stories then. Probably a return to the haunted corporate campus.

    The play is an interactive comedy-mystery called You’ve Ruined a Perfectly Good Mystery! It was produced in Madison where it sold out every performance, and we submitted it to this year’s FingeNYC. We’re approaching the time when we’ll be hearing if our submission was accepted.

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