Donna for Office!

Michael Scott is resigning from Dunder Mifflin, who will replace him? Count me on Team Donna!

Ray Romano, James Spader, and Catherine Tate will join Will Arnett and Ricky Gervais as guest stars on Steve Carell’s last episode of The Office. They’ll appear as candidates to be office manager. So will one of them be Carell’s replacement? You can probably rule out Romano, who is committed to Men of a Certain Age. Arnett also just got an NBC pilot of his own, while Gervais is unlikely to return to the show he created in Britain. TVLine says Spader and Tate are the only two with “ a realistic chance” of taking over.

Catherine Tate played Donna on the new Dr Who and she was easily the best Companion the Doctor ever had. In fact I’ll make the assertion now that she is the best Companion of all 11 Doctors to date, despite my having not actually seen the older series. She was, to borrow a Britishism, brilliant. Tate is amazing and she could really bring an acerbic take to the manager role.

If they pick James Spader over her, I’m not sure there’s any point to even watching the post-Michael era.

The appearance by Gervais should be fun though. I’m hoping he will be in character from UK Office. Maybe he immigrated?

UPDATE: Will Ferrell will play a temp manager while they find Michael’s replacement. I’m not sure if he can pull off ironic humor though. He’s more of a unsubtle freight train.


3 thoughts on “Donna for Office!”

  1. I could see Ricky taking the role if he gets creative control. Main reason I don’t watch that version is I can’t escape comparisons to the original in my own mind. (same way I can’t watch the dubbed cowboy bebop.)

    Funny thing is I am literally listening to the old recordings of Ricky’s XFM show with Steve and Karl right now.

  2. I did give the original UK version a try, but I actually couldn’t get through the first ep. Maybe because I was spoiled by the US version first? At any rate the only character I found worthy of my interest was the one played by Bilbo/Arthur/Watson.

    I’m a big fan of British humor obviously, but for some reason Office UK didnt click. It happens. I think though that Gervais would not mesh with the American audience well as a replacement.

  3. Actually, a good dark horse, and one that Gervais would lobby heavily for… Karl Pilkington. I’m not sure he’s actually capable of acting, though.

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