high score: 1026 on Entanglement


not too shabby

Clearly, my new strategy is on the right track. My goal is to basically create my endgame path, and wind my red path around in semi-helical fashion around it for as far as I can go. I dropped all my earlier strategies (go concave, isolate the center, etc etc) and as you can see with some luck I found myself with a very low score right before the finale (click to enlarge):

just before the final play... 80 measly points

You can see how I shepherded the long path around the board and for the most part kept the red path close to it. Here’s the final board (click to enlarge):

the final board - added 43 segments in one move

I think if I am careful to save a really good tile with a U and a V and some crossovers in my Swap, and try for slightly more torturous endpath winding, I can go even higher. This literally was my first try at this new strategy and of course I really lucked out that I was able to connect the two long path segments at the end. But amazing as this was, it’s humbling to look at how my score fares on the leaderboards:

I'm #2 for today!

I'm #79 this week. Yay.

I'm... not even in the top 100, all-time. Sigh.

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  1. Whoa, thanks for sharing. Merely at 312 in score, I was really wondering how people actually reach 1000+. This post is illuminating. And yes, I kept using the isolating-center strategy before I read this.

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