when addictions combine: Twitter + Warcraft = TweetCraft

I recently passed on the Palm Pre because I realize it would be harder to tweet while driving. Yes, yes, I deserve all teh oppobrium such a statement should bring upon me. Still. it gives you an idea of my addiction to Twitter. In the meantime, I’ve been delving deeper into Warcraft and while my addiction there hasn’t quite reached my twitter levels, it still is enough of a compulsion that I was watching television of some beachfront yesterday evening and thought to myself, “hey that looks like the island I swam to off the coast of Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale”.

So, I regard this latest technical innovation with the appropriate mixture of fearful sweat and eager drool – TweetCraft, an in-game twitter client for WoW. Here’s a video on how it works:

Thus far I have been playing WoW without any addons of any kind. Obviously it’s time to break the virgin seal on my addons folder. I’ll be piping my tweets to the @otakusphere account. After I install the new hard drive on the gaming machine, that is.

Aside – does anyone know when the patch comes out that lets you gain riding skill at level 20?

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  1. The patch has to go through playtesting, its always a bit longer than you would hope. I’m thinking another week, most likely two.

    As for addons, you’ll need to get dbm eventually if you want to do anything in instances that are challenging. I also recommend gathermate for herb and ore prospectors, it lets you track spawn locations. Need iron ore, well it spawns over thataway.. Recount is a good addon for tracking dps and healing rates, mikscrollingbattletext is a good one for putting the combat text on either side of your character on the screen in an arc (you really have to change the default font, its really bad default). Omen is a good addon for tracking threat, pretty much a necessity for tanks and high-dps folks who want to either maintain or avoid agg. Bartender lets you set up your action bars any which way you like. Onebag3 puts all your bags in a single window, so you don’t have to go searching. And finally, though it can be a pain to adjust to, grid really makes for a simple interface in raids, but thats later on for you.

    Those are the majority of what I use.

  2. those are great suggestions, I’ll probably try all of them out on your reccomendation. What do other people also use? I probably should get a map addon, because of the ubiquity of coords on thottbot (my main reference). Any suggestions there? also what is the addon people use for automatic selling of junk at vendors and autolooting?

  3. Oh, and because I’m 80, I plum forgot what could be the most useful add for you of all, questhelper. That makes doing quests a breeze, no more wondering where the heck that mob spawns or where to gather those objects. You won’t need thotbott so much, at least for quest related stuff.

    I don’t use autosell or auction addons, really not much help to me.

  4. the official blizzard answer to “when is X coming out” is the same for all values of X: when it’s ready.

    i’m currently using DCoords, a very minimal coordinate mod that just puts a coord bar on screen. there used to be a lot of great stuff at wowace, but then they got eaten by cursegaming and changed to this horrible java app for updating that’s completely broken and spends most of its time upselling you on paid accounts. i’m currently running with nothing but DCoords, a mail mod (Postal), and the Auctioneer suite on my banker alt. there are times i miss having a decent general-purpose map mod (like Cartographer) but not enough to make keeping up with the constant updates worth the trouble.

    stuff like dbm makes wonderful tragedy-of-the-commons material–if anyone in the party/raid is running it, you don’t need to. in general, unless you’re a tank, don’t worry about it.

    i haven’t seen an up-to-date autosell mod in ages, unfortunately. actual autolooting, as in picking everything up from a mob in one click, is built in–just turn it on in the interface prefs.

  5. on a side note, that video has the most screwed-up audio i’ve heard in ages.

  6. Meh. I’m boring. The only addons I currently use are stupid little ones I wrote.

    I do my serious Lua stuff at work, which doesn’t leave much enthusiasm for fiddling around with addons when I get home. Lua’s a nice language and I’ve been building it into my embedded systems whenever I can.

    Well, there is one addon I use that I didn’t write. I have a *really* old stupid little addon someone else wrote that I picked up and fiddled with as a way to learn Lua and addons. I got it to where I like it, so I keep it around. It just gives me little moveable bars for my health, target health, energy and combo points. The only things I’ve really done to it are to keep it up to date as the addon interface changes and make the combo point bar turn bright purple when I have five points. The original author (Slabgar) called it FooBar. No, not that FooBar, another one.

    I also have a personal DPS meter that just gives me from one to three bars (player, pet, combined) comparing my current DPS to my average DPS. The only cool things about it are that the color changes based on how I’m doing(red=100%). I originally called it Orgasmatron, but changed the name during the Wrath beta so I could have it running alongside Orgasmatron while I worked out the kinks. The new name is Butthook. My wife wants me to change it back to Orgasmatron, but I never get around to it. “Butthook” is my third choice in junk file names, behind “booger” and “argh”.

    I’ve also done one that automatically responds to a “ding” in guild chat (or a “ni”, I am a knight who says ni after all). I did it primarily as a way to fiddle with an idea I had for automatically registering events as an addon comes up. Event handlers are stored in a table indexed by the name of the event they’re interested in. The startup routine walks the table to register for the events and the main event handler redirects arriving events to the interested function. Consequently, extending the thing is just a matter of dropping a new function into the event table. That one’s called CEM (for “Chisa’s Expandable Mod”), but it’s pronounced “Chisa’s Prosthetic Ni”.

    I used to use Auctioneer and Gatherer, but they fell behind for a long time and I’ve never gotten back into using them again. I also had to make some tweaks to Auctioneer whenever I installed it because the database was getting too large.

  7. Anachondra, gatherer has been superceded by gathermate.

    Aziz, I can’t figure out your email address from your blogs, I wanted to send you a screenshot of my wow interface so you could see what it was like in a raid for me.

  8. “Chisa’s Prosthetic Ni” – ROFL. Tht actcually sounds useful, my guild has a star trek theme so i’d be interested in having an automated ding response too.

    speaking of Chisa, would it be useful if I mailed you two stacks of 20 leather? I wanted to requisition 5 more bags from you if possible. Is 16 slots the maximum?

    Dcoords sounds ideal for my purposes. I just want to generally know where i am. Im intrigued by the mention of Postal and Auctioneer, will look into those too.

  9. OK, you’ve made me go do the one bit of maintenance CEM has needed for a while (updating its interface version tag so it’s not listed as an out-of-date addon). You can find it here: http://anachronda.homeunix.com:8000/~rivie/WoW/inbox/CEM-2009-07-09.zip

    Unzip in the Interface/AddOns directory. It’ll display a message in your chat window before it responds to something. It has one thing that’s disabled: it’ll detect a “mt”, but won’t respond to it. I got hassled about that a while ago and disabled the response.

    You should be able to figure out how to extend it to respond to other things you might want it to detect. It’s not terribly sophisticated.

    You’re not likely to have any leather I would find useful. I’ve got big bags full of various types of leather in the bank.

    I think I’ve already sent you all my spare 16-slot bags. There are larger bags that can be made by tailors, but A) they become soulbound once you equip them and B) they’re usually pretty expensive on the auction house. The 16-slot bags I’ve been sending you have been leftovers from updating my characters to 18-slot bags.

  10. Aside from the addons people have suggested, let me add SpamMeNot. It prevents whispered spam from gold-sellers. The problem is not NEARLY as bad as it used to be, but it still comes up occasionally.

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