World of Warcraft: The Movie

Sam Raimi – Sam “demoncam” Raimi – will be directing the World of Warcraft movie. In other news, there’s going to be a World of Warcraft movie.

The last major update that we had on AICN on the WORLD OF WARCRAFT came from Moriarty here, back in 2007. The last major bit I heard was a rumor that Uwe Boll was offering Blizzard untold tonnages of gold left crowns of undetermined origin to direct – and that allegedly BLIZZARD laughed his ass out of the place. In Mori’s piece we were supposed to get this movie in 2009 with a $100 million budget. With LEGENDARY’s main man telling BLIZZCON that it’d be over that figure. And there was some concept art.

Well, I don’t have concept art. I don’t have the firm release date, but I do know who is directing the WORLD OF WARCRAFT film and that is Sam Raimi. It will come out in trades later this week or next. But you can take this one to the bank. Sam is going to make a huge budget fantasy bit of unf&^kingimaginable coolness – and it will be yanked from the WORLD OF WARCRAFT.

From that previous AICN story two years ago:

The plot for the film will take place approximately a year before the start of World of Warcraft, including races you have played and lands you have wandered in, where lots of plot arcs are melded into a two and a half hour story. The film itself will revolve around a ‘badass’ new hero, with a theme towards conflict and culture – being a War Movie rather than a quest movie, from an Alliance’s perspective.

OK this has the potential to be all kinds of awesome.To be honest I dont care if they screw it up completekly, anyway – the licensing profit for Blizzard alone will mean more money for the game development, so we fans of WoW win either way 🙂 But just imagine seeing Ironforge on film? Or Booty Bay? In fact, there’s already concept art for Teldrassil: (click to enlarge to insane resolution to see all the detail)


Wow. Just… WoW, literally.

2 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: The Movie”

  1. so okfine….
    this is why you need Lich.
    patch 3.2 is live on the ptr, public test realms.
    you can copy a premade 80 and see how you like endgame.
    ptr is how bliz turns all us-desperate-for-new-content scrubs and ‘tards into a giant QC and Test program.

    the isle of conquest is live, but the coliseum isn’t full up yet for 25s and 10s.
    you can make up to 4 copied premade toons, so you can see what you like to play for endgame.
    do it.

  2. ok, it all sounds great, and i also really, really want to get into Dalaran 🙂 But it will all have to wait. $30 is either Lich or a two month extension of my account (Im avoiding credit card reload given Bliz’s recent woes with unautorized chargebacks – theres a story at Ars about it). Lichwill have to wait until ive actually got a toon near level 60 – probably a few months out at least, alas. patch 3.2 will be out for everyone, not just test realms, pretty soon anyway.

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