The Princess Bride audio samples

princessbride_audioNow, these bring back some memories!

I’m not sure when i discovered The Princess Bride, but by the time I got to college I was badly addicted to the movie, and delighted to find a bunch of close friends who were just as insane about it as I was (and pretty much everything else I was insane about, for that matter). This was back in the day when a VCR that was both Hi-Fi and stereo (and 4 heads, to boot) was considered bleeding edge. As it happened, I managed to snag such a godbox for within a college students’ budget and decided to record for posterity my favorite quotes from the movie from my (already) aging VHS copy. These were recorded using an analog mike next to the output speaker of my television; I think I may have also been using an abacus to keep time, though I can’t be sure, as that giant black monolith was really distracting.

At any rate, these WAV files, named under DOS eight-character limits, lived on my 386 PC and then migrated to my 486 as various system sounds for my amusement for a few years, after which they ended up in a folder somewhere that then got passed from system to system like a set of junk DNA, lost in arcane hierarchies of old data. I was motivated to dig these out of the primordial digital slime this evening seeing @musabb live-tweet the Princess Bride as a fresh initiate to its mysteries, and decided that they were too good not to inflict upon everyone else. So, enjoy – and please copy them locally for your own use rather than hitting my host with direct links, so I can afford to send my kids to college someday instead of paying bandwidth overages.

(also – please – don’t Stumble them, Digg them, or what have you. I prostrate myself upon your good graces)

Incidentally – the audio soundtrack to the movie is probably one of my top five CDs of all time (though I have to count the collected H2G2 radio series discs as one to make it fit). If you are a fan of this movie, and/or of Mark Knopfler, this is essential music.