How exactly is having weapons at maximum going to help the situation?

This is from Stargate: SG-1‘s 200th gala episode, which was.. different.

I’m starting to realize that SG-1 is one of the hidden gems of science fiction television. I will probably have to netflix the whole thing at some point. Ten seasons… yikes. Bigger than Ranma!

Also, I probably need to get started on Farscape too, if I have any hope of understanding why this is funny. “Something a little more obscure” indeed 🙂 Claudia Black’s little gleeful rubbing her hands together is just so awesome at the end of that clip, that it really motivates me.

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  1. A little while ago, I saw a couple episodes of Stargate: Atlantis. It was like a playground for minor characters from former scince fiction TV shows. For instance, Kaylee from Firefly was in the show, the holographic doctor from Star Trek:Voyager was there, and so was Skinner from the X-Files. I was amazed. I set my DVR to record episodes and a couple of days later I had like 20 episodes saved (there was apparently some sort of marathon). So I’ve been making my way through them when I get the chance. There’re perfectly serviceable stories. A friend calls shows like this “laundry folding” shows, meaning that it’s a good thing to have on while you’re folding laundry. Heh.

  2. agreed, and thats why i think its an under-rated shows – they are attractig a lot of the scifi actor veterans. Robert Picardo (doctor from ST:VOY) is an alumnus worth watching in particular. I also noticed Morena Baccarin (i think thats her name), who played Inara on Firefly.

    actually i havent seen much of atlantis yet. the original series was SG-1, which ended after ten seasons (ten!). i think atlantis is ending too and a new stargate series calleed stargate Universe is starting soon. i;ll have to torrent all ofthis an dcatch up now, the backstory is getting really rich. i think ts as diverse a universe and fleshed out as trek now.

  3. SG-1 is amazing, especially when you realize that it overlapped the last couple seasons of DS9, half of Voyager, and the entirety of Enterprise, but only got noticed the last year or two. I watched the first eight seasons all at once over about two months the first year BitTorrent was available and absolutely fell in love. (It was either that or write my Master’s thesis.)

    The single best thing about it is the amount of continuity they’ve built up and actually used. Things that happened in 1998 still crop up on a fairly regular basis as significant plot elements.

    I think the entire cast of Farscape moved to SG1 when their show died. 🙂

    Amanda Tapping and Jewel Staite on the same screen is quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to TV. Now if only I could get them to guest her onto Sanctuary….

    Crossing my fingers that nothing goes wrong with SG Universe…

  4. A few years ago I caught a few SG episodes, and guessed it would be the kind of show that was worth watching from beginning to end. Then I got very lucky. I had just gotten a DVR, and Sci-Fi was running SG constantly. I soon discovered that the daily 6 pm showings (at that time) were in chron order, and they were about to restart the cycle. It took about a year for me to run through the whole series and catch up — I think this was while the 9th season was in its first run. Anyway, I highly recommend that you undertake the process, since you already seem so inclined. I loved it. Most of the episodes work stand-alone, but there is an ongoing story with two main sets of villains (the Go’auld and the Replicators) that basically gets resolved in Season 8, when everyone wrongly thought the series would end. Seasons 9 and 10 are almost like a spin-off, with the Farscape cast additions and no more Jack O’Neil. The last 2 episodes of Season 8, Moebius Parts 1 and 2, are delightful, but only make sense if you’ve watched at least a good chunk of what happened before.
    The show is a strong blend of hero/action sci-fi and humor. It also spends a lot of time addressing the interplay of science and religion, but never develops a coherent view. It occasionally lapses into a false and annoying simple anti-faith/pro-science dichotomy, but not enough that it really bothered me. I wish I could watch them again for the first time.

  5. I definitely did enjoy watching Stargate back in the day. I think I lost track of it around season 3 or so. I then picked up watching it again on a semi-regular basis around the end of season 8 (when Atlantis was introduced).

    SG-1 S8/9/10 suffered because of how little Richard Dean Anderson contributed, but I really enjoyed Claudia Black, so good with the bad. Morena Baccarin is a treat to see too.

    Atlantis was an enjoyable show, probably better than the later seasons of SG-1 at least. The last season was a bit of a disappointment, as it ended the whole thing abruptly, but what wouldn’t be in a show that was actually quite decent and then gets cancelled on short notice? I guess the Sci Fi executives decided they’d rather not have anyone watch their station.

    I’m reminded of a conversation I had with a friend back when BSG was good: I said, Stargate is not a good show if you watch any individual episode. But through luck and sheer volume it becomes good if you watch enough of it. That still didn’t convince her.

    I do think Stargate is a good show, but it gets pacing just about wrong — A lot of the things that should take a long time to resolve are dealt with patly because the show is very episodic. On the other hand, some things that should be dealt with patly are recurring issues.

  6. I realize how old this post is, but I HAVE to know that you DID watch Farscape. Its on Netflix currently. — I say currently because, it was there. And then it was gone. And now its back again.

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