Which action hero are you?

I’m a sucker for quiz sites. There’s a new one called Brainfall that’s loadde with movie and television quizzes. Example:

Which Action Hero Are You?
You are MacGyver. Ingenuity is your game. Don’t leave home without your sundry office supplies: rubber bands, paper clips, and the like. Life and death situations are your forte, but you may be getting too old for it. In today’s eyes you’re an old legend, but your first season mullet will always be remembered.

apparently, I am also Dumbledore (which character in Harry Potter are you?) and a combination of both Belle and Pocahontas (Which Disney Princess are you?).

Obviously the accuracy of any single quiz is always suspect, but I think that certain outcomes are going to be correlated. Thus, if you had a lot of people take a lot of these tests and compared the results in aggregate, you might actually get a pretty good picture of someone’s personality. Part of this might be because movie and television characters are in a sense personality archetypes; they are designed to be somewhat more focused on certain traits (of usefulness/threat to the protoganist or for the sake of the plot). So they make pretty good basis functions for personality. One might even call them, ahem, personality prototypes.