Battlestar Galactica Razor: Flashbacks 1-4

Galactica: RazorSciFi has a series of seven “flashback” teaser webisodes that they are revealing each week in the runup to the broadcast of Galactica: Razor. There have been four flashbacks aired so far, and while they appear sporadically on YouTube, the best way to view them is directly on SciFi’s website. Here are links and brief description of the four flashbacks so far:

  1. Day 4,571. “William “”Husker”” Adama prepares for his rookie combat mission as a Viper pilot.
  2. The Hangar. A moment in Galactica’s hangar rattles young Adama’s nerves before his first combat flight.
  3. Operation Raptor Talon. Vipers and Raiders face off in a brutal firefight above a remote world defended by the Cylons.
  4. Free Fall. Losing his Viper is just the start of rookie William Adama’s problems today.

Intriguingly, these flashbacks are set during the First Cylon War, and center on Bill Adama as a young rookie. The plot of Razor however will center on Lee Adama’s command of the Pegasus. So it will be quite interesting to see how these elements tie together. Incidentally, the DVDs are also available for pre-order on Amazon.