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I was struck by some of the lyrics to Gaeta’s song in the last episode of Galactica, thinking that they were likely to be significant in the same way that All Along the WatchTower became. I’ve yet to try and put the lyrics of the latter into context of my plot speculation, but I think that Gaeta’s song is far more likely to contain clues (though they will probably be more obvious in hindsight rather than have predictive utility).

Now, it seems that Galactica composer Bear McCreary has spilled some beans on his galactica blog and confirmed that Gaeta’s song does indeed have direct relevance to the storyline. There are plenty of spoilers for the episode, but also a fascinating discussion of how the song took shape and how they used it to narrate the plot forward – and emphasize the ending.

All in all, Gaeta is getting a lot of attention all of a sudden. That seems to support my theory.

3 thoughts on “the song of Gaeta”

  1. I feel like they’re laying it on pretty thick that Gaeda is the final Cylon, which probably means he’s not. I guess you never know, but like everyone else, I thought Gaeda’s singing linked him with the Four…

  2. I actually didnt think Gaeta’s song was related to the Four – he was pretty authentically freaked about losing his leg, and the trauma of that loss was the main subject of the song. I thin the main argument for Gaeta is that he’s been so central to every major event, and all along has been in a position to try and steer Galactica away from Earth. If we accept that the Five have a tie to Earth (as seems necessary given the link between the Eye of Jupiter and the Temple of the Five), then I think gaeta is actually aware of being a cylon unlike the other four, and acting to his own agenda in protecting Earth. All his major escapades can be seen in this context.

  3. In fact McCreary pretty clearly says that it isn’t related to the final five and he is himself surprised at the nonsensical speculation about it. It’s really incredibly sad and cheapens the song and the show as a whole, how everything is completely over analyzed these days. The show isn’t about the final five and not everything has a deeper meaning.

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