Death Note on the big screen

It seems that there is a live-action adaptation of Death Note coming to a select group of 300 theaters – for two days only. Here’s a review of the movie on NPR and here’s a list of theaters. Some selected theaters that may be of particular interest, ahem:

Cinemark 20 MERRIAM KS 66202
AMC Olathe Studio 29 OLATHE KS 66062
Town Cinema ASHLAND KY 41101
Hamburg Pavilions 16 LEXINGTON KY 40509
Stonybrook Cinemas LOUISVILLE KY 40220
Tinseltown Louisville LOUISVILLE KY 40241
AMC Elmwood Palace 20 HARAHAN LA 70123
AMC Westbank Palace 16 HARVEY LA 70058
Cinemark 14 LAKE CHARLES LA 70601
Tinseltown SHREVEPORT LA 71115
Tinseltown USA WEST MONROE LA 71291
Cedar Hills Crossing 16 BEAVERTON OR 97005
Valley River EUGENE OR 97401
Tinseltown MEDFORD OR 97504
Cinemark 17  SPRINGFIELD OR 97477
Pinnacle Stadium 18 KNOXVILLE TN 37922
Opry Mills 20 plus IMAX NASHVILLE TN 37214
Tinseltown OAK RIDGE TN 37830
AMC Willowbrook 24 HOUSTON TX 77064
Houston Marq*E Stadium 22  HOUSTON TX 77024
Memorial City Mall HOUSTON TX 77024

Imagine my surprise that Marshfield, WI is not on the list.

9 thoughts on “Death Note on the big screen”

  1. Ah crap, I didn’t see this until it was too late tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Is this worth seeing? I know nothing about it, but it sounds kinda neat. It’s not playing at my closest theaters, but it’s within range.

  2. I havent seen the original anime so I have no clue about whether this live action adapt will be worth the effort. Michael has some links above to reviews however that you may find useful.

  3. The Librarian and I first watched DN:LA on fansub back in late 2006, and were completely blown away at how good it was, particularly when I fired it up on the movie screen and LCD projector combo.

    But even though we were both incredibly busy with our jobs, we jumped at the chance to see it in the theater it was playing at here in Duckford.

    Two things: first, it’s been dubbed. It was a good dub job, no question, but it’s still dubbed. Second, they didn’t subtitle any of the writing. This was a little annoying, particularly when they show a closeup of a newspaper headline that is supposed to impart important information.

    Still, good times, good times.

  4. Duck, you just pushed DN out of my “maybe” list into my “to watch” list – though the latter is starting to get ridiculously long 🙂

  5. Fledge, let me try and push it even higher up your watch list: I didn’t expect to like Death Note at all. I only started watching it because The Librarian’s birthday was coming up, and she liked the manga, and I decided to burn her a DVD of the first few episodes of the anime (this was before it got licensed).

    And I got hooked, more or less. More plot twists than House of Games makes Wonderduck very happy…

  6. Duck, plot twists make me happy. I am a Galactica geek, after all. 🙂 OK, I just added it to my queue for after i finish Escaflowne.

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