Moyashimon wins

Looks like Moyashimon earned its creator 2 million yen in prize money:

The Asahi Shimbun paper announced the winners for the 12th Annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize on Saturday. Masayuki Ishikawa won the 2-million-yen (about US$20,000) Manga Grand Prize for his Moyashimon medical comedy manga. The manga follows a college student who discovers that he can see and communicate with the germs all around him — germs that appear as super-deformed characters.

This is definitely on my towatch list.

One thought on “Moyashimon wins”

  1. Awesome, nameswapping confusion for the win (follow their links). ANN was always in the English order, but as they grow, they start getting hardcore weaboos on staff, and the result is evident.

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