Robotech through the mirror

Daniel has an awesome “slice” of SDF: Macross – the scene where (Rick) saves (Minmei) in mid-air. The only thing missing from his description is the part where Rick almost falls out of the cockpit himself, but is saved by the canopy glass. Of course, I am completely ruined as far as Macross goes, since that entire scene is firmly in the Robotech context for me. But his description is exactly as I remember it, even though I haven’t seen that scene since (at best guess) 1994.

Where are all the Macross bloggers anyway? Daniel’s sincere appreciation of the series is pretty rare (I’ve yet to go through his archives on it). Almost everyone else seems to look down on it as some proto-anime-culture which everyone has long since grown up for (and yet, Ranma still makes the rounds??). Have we all forgotten just how much cooler 50-foot robots that transform into jet fighters are than silly schoolgirls’ underpants? (ok, I’m treading close to the border of otaku blasphemy here, but I am fearless).

I should read more of that blog. Subscribing now. The title alone is worth extra points.

UPDATE: Legend of the Galactic Heroes? I am intrigued.

4 thoughts on “Robotech through the mirror”

  1. I got through about 50 episodes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes and it started strong, and was getting better at that point. I think I had caught up to the sub group had gotten to and just didn’t have time to get back to the show. Thanks for reminding me!

    Oh, if you have a few thousand on hand, you can try to import the 46-DVD 20th Anniversary box set of the series!

  2. egads. 46 DVDs??

    though its quite a strong endorsement to say that something was still good after 50 episodes and getting better. Thats generally not true for most stuff on television, anime or otherwise.

  3. ah, i forgot we did make it through the frst war. did we go onto the second and third?

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