The Robotech Ummah

According to this caffeinated muslim woman blogger, the Zentraedi from Robotech are meant to be muslim:

The Zentraedi are completely segregated – men and women generally seem to be on different ships. They have no concept of romance and do not have any idea about, y’know, ’stuff’. On one occasion, a Zentraedi ship was able to view a live feed of the the Miss Macross pageant happening on the ship and didn’t know what to make of girls in skimpy outfits. When Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, and Max Sterling were caught by the Zentraedi, Rick and Lisa had to show the Zentraedi what a ‘kiss’ was, which resulted in a disgusted group of Zentraedis. Minmei, the singing sensation of Macross, was their downfall as the soldiers were introduced to an entirely different way of life through her songs. Many Zentraedi wanted to defect to the human ship and, thus, embrace the human way of life because of her.

Of course, that’s how Westerners see the stereotypical muslim. Or political lefties see the stereotypical religious person, for that matter. But if we go with the muslim analogy I guess that makes Khyron the equivalent of Osama bin Laden and Bretai the equivalent of the Mahdi. That’s just awesome. Did I mention that was awesome? Because it’s awesome.

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