BSG season 4 tidbit: Romo Lampkin returns!

badgerThis interview with Ron Moore has lots of little morsels to chew on, but by far the best is the news that wily lawyer Romo Lampkin returns twice in season 4. He’ll always be The Badger to me, though.

The bad news is that there is no word on when the second half of the season will be aired; SciFi milking the series out until 2009 seems increasingly likely. Still, at least we get the first ten episodes of season 4 starting in just two weeks.

Interestingly, the interview with Moore also includes his thoughts on the new Sar Trek film. Overall, he is very positive, about the reboot with fresh blood. Worth reading in full.

3 thoughts on “BSG season 4 tidbit: Romo Lampkin returns!”

  1. It’s been long enough since the last season that I’m not certain I care anymore…

  2. I still care to see season 4, but it had better start out wonderfully to keep my attention at this point. I’ve got high hopes, especially since they are not going to leave the ending in limbo apparently.

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