a Galactica movie? no thanks

I have absolutely zero interest in this. Zero:

Bryan Singer, director of the first two “X-Men” movies, “Superman Returns” and “Valkyrie,” is “nearing a deal” to produce and perhaps direct a new big-screen “Battlestar Galactica” movie.

[…] By all accounts, any new feature would take place outside the alien-free “Galactica” universe created by Moore, and be based instead on the original 1978 Glen Larson series.

There’s just no way I am going to poison the memory of Galactica with something almost guaranteed to suck – especially when you take an idea meant for televisioin and run it through the Hollywood plot-liquefaction wringer. They pulled it off with Star Trek as a reboot, but that had the benefit of 1. four decades and 2. writers and a director who actually had interesting ideas. From what Bryan Singer did with the Superman reboot, it is clear he has absolutely zero imagination. Even Singer’s work on the X-Men movies was really pretty dull.

More details at AICN and HitFlix (the latter including absolutely atrocious Cylon concept art that sucks whatever residual interest I may theoretically have had for such a project completely down the drain).