The End of Facebook Hype

Via Google Trends. It seems like the “Facebook Phenomenon” is where the “MySpace Phenomenon” was 2 years ago culturally. My prediction is that 1 year from now you won’t hear much about Facebook, it looks like the buzz is already flattening out, though it will take a little while for people to notice….trends.jpg

3 thoughts on “The End of Facebook Hype”

  1. The biggest difference to me is that Facebook doesn’t seem to have the influx of horribly immature kids running the place, and their bad PR doesn’t stem from child predators and stupid kids posting racy pictures of themselves.

    On the other other hand, if Facebook doesn’t fix their privacy issues soon, it won’t take too many more blacklashes before people move on to somewhere else.

  2. Good observation. I think web related fads on a rotating cycle of about 2-3 years. MySpace and Facebook stories will continue to produce high traffic for such sites as and, but I give it about 1-2 years before things truly fizzle out.

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