Red Princess Blues: The Book of Violence

Another intriguing catch from AICN-Anime:

The Book of Violence is an animated short, between six and seven minutes sans credits that serves as a prologue to Alex Ferrari’s upcoming feature film Red Princess Blues. The film is set to star Paula Garces, whose voice drives this animated project.

Though there is a stated intention to pay homage to the great Japanese anime films of the past, an immediate impression suggests more North American initiatives, such as the Maxx, the animated Spawn, and the Do the Evolution music video. It has a rain soaked weight of dark, American comics and the surreal sense of noir gloom found in their animated adaptations.

In the anime vocabulary, the closest comparison would be early digital aged late night fare, like Serial Experiments Lain, Boogiepop Phantom, and even to some extent Black Heaven. Book of Violence’s effects aren’t quite as raw as those early titles, but is has a similar, claustrophobic stillness in its 3d objects, and the short itself has that late night anime tension.

They’ve put the trailer for the short online, so we can get a feel for the animation and style:

Dunno what to think, but an interested enough to keep an eye out for it. If done right, it could have that Lair-esque atmosphere, Noir-esque violence, and a plot that actually moves forward and makes sense.

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