TechCrunch had a cool contest for free, lifetime Pro memberships to BlogFuse, a new service that lets you share your blog entries on Facebook. I tried several times to leave this comment in hopes to win, but to no avail, it seems I am running afoul of their Akismet filter. So, for posterity, I reproduce it here.

The accursed TechCrunch blog software refuses to acknowledge the superiority of my links, hence I am reposting my comment without hyperlink goodness. I am confident that the sheer wit of my blog names and URLs will be sufficient to entice readers to copy and paste rather than click. Who can resist the siren call of righteousness?

The reason I should permit TechCrunch to burden me with a Premium BlogFuse account for life is because I am, through the sheer acumen of my blogging-fu, attempting to save the world. As a matter of principle, I am obligated to encourage any and all who wish to also save the world to join me in my crusade to lift humanity above itself, and thus in alliance achieve even greater feats. Yes, I am the heavy lifter with the sheer weight and ponderousness of my prose, but as even the mouse carries one straw, so is the camel’s burden lighter and its back saved.

Behold, TechCrunch, what a mighty engine of progress and salvation to which you shall ally yourselves! For at (, I blog about all things Geek, Anime, and Art, and thus train the world to accept the timorous intellectual as the true saviours and warriors of civilization against the mindnumbing horde of paris-hilton worshipping, realiity TV enslaved dullards. At Nation-Building blog (, formerly Dean Nation, I preach the righteousness of liberalism and purple politics, seeking to uplift our political discourse from the divisiveness of the partisan hacks who do the pundit rounds for their own gain rather than any allegiance to our Republic. And at City of Brass (, I am at the vanguard of the battle against Islamic Fundamentalism, turning the twisted ijtihad of the Reavers against them and showing them the true power of Islam which shall obliterate their puny violence with purity and light of Truth. I even blog about Blogging itself at metaBlog ( so that others may be inspired and take up verbal arms themselves on the great plain of Debate.

In summary, I am a busy man, and I have a world to save. However, I’ll be happy to take the BlogFuse account off your hands. Should come in handy. Plus, why leave the legions of Facebook bereft of my wisdom and leadership?