5 thoughts on “poll: feeds vs browsers”

  1. interesting results. There were about 60 unique visitors here today, and 6 responses to the poll. That means that probably only 6 people at most read my feed; probably much less given that most of my traffic is via google or referral links from Steven or Shamus. I guess all my blog-flair isnt going to waste 🙂

  2. Just to clarify my vote (I voted RSS feed), I have my RSS reader set to show me only titles and summaries. When I come across an article that grabs my interest, like this one, I’ll “click through” and read it in my browser.

  3. ah ok so you’re really using it as a feed browser rather than a reader. Thus far I’ve been taking full feeds whenever they are available. But I don’t begrudge anyone who sends out a truncated feed; I don’t think that the website is obsolete (though it would be rather interesting if someone were to publish a feed-only weblog… hmm.)

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