desktop replacement, indeed

As in, this new 12-lb, 20″ monster from HP IS a desk unto itself:

HP HDXThe unit will be powered by a Core 2-based processors while graphics duties will be handled by a GeForce Go 8000 Series GPU. Given the size of the notebook, there is ample room for four integrated speakers along with an HP Bass Reflex subwoofer. The notebook is also large enough to accommodate a full-size keyboard and an integrated media remote control.

The Pavilion HDX will also feature an ATSC/NTSC tuner onboard and HDMI out. There is still no word on what optical drive will be used by the Pavilion HDX, but expect to see either a Blu-ray or HD DVD unit onboard.

Of course, it’s a Santa Rosa, but calling it a “laptop” is sort of absurd.

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