mostly harmless

I am a big fan of the .info domain registry. They are cheap, and they are intuitive. I mean, most of my websites/blogs are informational, after all. But it’s that same quality that attracts the less savory elements of the net. A study shows that .info is actually a pretty risky domain, even more than .ru :

Although Romania and Russia did not have the highest overall percentage of malicious domains – that title belonged to the island of Sao Tome, with 18.5 percent of .st domains containing some sort of exploit – they both had some of the highest percentages among larger countries: 5.6 and 4.5 percent, respectively.
The riskiest top-level domain of the bunch was .info, with 7.5 percent of surveyed .info domains posing some sort of risk. The domain that came in second was, perhaps not too shockingly, .com at 5.5 percent, followed by .biz at 4.9 percent.

this probably explains why Shamus‘ comment system hates me. But i can assure you that all of MY .info domains are perfectly safe. If you turn into a penguin or your arms come off or something while reading, it’s not my fault.

4 thoughts on “mostly harmless”

  1. Heh. Its actually a quote from H2G2, when Ford and Arthur first come aboard the Heart of Gold. google for “perfectly safe penguin” and you’ll find it 🙂 I’ll post the excerpt, actually…

    btw i saw you wer etrying to use Textile for the link – I am most gratified! Unfortunately you had the formatting slightly off. To create an easylink, the link text must be fully enclosed in quotes, then a colon (:), then the URL. once you get the hang of it you cant go back!

  2. Actually, I was trying to include the image as a link to the page. It seemed to work that way in the Preview, but apparently, it didn’t like that on submit.

    Oh, I knew it was a quote from H2G2 (I mean, the “mostly harmless” pretty much gave it away), just my first thought on the last sentence was something completely different and unrelated… 😉

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