kawaii poster contest

voting has begun in Riuva’s motivational poster competition. (warning: many entries NSFW!) I got one sympathy vote from Shamus. I guess my entry was too Haibane-insidery.

ah well. if you’re gonna vote for something, vote for Sugar! In fact, I think I’ll start a kawaii poster contest of my own. Anyone want to take a (SFW) shot? First prize will be me printing it out for the enjoyment of my four year old (who is about halfway done with Hooked on Phonics). Here’s an entry to get us started that sets a low bar indeed: Waffo

The rules are: kawaii, safe for work, and readable by a four year old 🙂 (and I guess it doesn’t need to be exclusively devoted to Sugar.. I guess. We can even accept that penguin chick too.)

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