kawaii poster contest

voting has begun in Riuva’s motivational poster competition. (warning: many entries NSFW!) I got one sympathy vote from Shamus. I guess my entry was too Haibane-insidery.

ah well. if you’re gonna vote for something, vote for Sugar! In fact, I think I’ll start a kawaii poster contest of my own. Anyone want to take a (SFW) shot? First prize will be me printing it out for the enjoyment of my four year old (who is about halfway done with Hooked on Phonics). Here’s an entry to get us started that sets a low bar indeed: Waffo

The rules are: kawaii, safe for work, and readable by a four year old 🙂 (and I guess it doesn’t need to be exclusively devoted to Sugar.. I guess. We can even accept that penguin chick too.)

Ramadan roundup

ok so this time I have a good excuse for not posting! the first week of fasting is always the toughest 🙂 The funny thing is that I’ve found myself thinking about adding a food category to the blog (primarily a paean to Chipotle). But food blogging during Ramadan would be just masochistic, so it will have to wait until Eid.

There has been a lot of stuff going on though. Galactica season 3 starts soon, and there have been online “webisodes” at Scifi.com that have a very interesting prequel storyline to the season that really delves into the resistance fighter mentality – with our own sympathetic and loved characters making decisions that we would normally decry. It’s odd how I am willing to give a fictional character more slack and make excuses for their behavior that I condemn in the real world – like strong weapons in a shrine. Of course the Cylons are Evil Incarnate (or are they?) so the universe of Galactica is more black and white (or is it?).

Also the Intel Developer Forum is going on and has all sorts of awesome, sharikou-head-exploding stuff like 80-core chips, roadmaps to 45nm processing, and laser FSBs (from Day 1 alone). Anandtech has probably the best coverage. Yesterday during Day 2 they also talked about the Santa Rosa platform, one of my particular interests. One tidbit I’d missed earlier: the FSB clock frequency will also be adjustable, to further improve power management. Right now on the new Centrino platforms running Yonah/Merom, only CPU clock speeds adjust, but the FSB runs at full all the time. And there are even cooler innovations to reduce power that I won’t spoil. The promise of all-day computing gets stronger and stronger.

Shamus’ “DM of the Rings” comic is awesome. I almost choked with laughter at the whole “Leggo my ass” thing. It reminds me of Summoner Geeks – but better.

And Sugar is still losing to a demented penguin. Oh, the humanity!

Suuuuugar Baaaaaaaby-dolllll

well, that’s how every episode of Sugar: A little Snow Fairy opens. My almost-four year old says this about a dozen times a day now.

Overall, the series started out slow, and then kept layering on the character development piecemeal until by the end you really felt you knew them, without consciously realizing how attached you were. This is different from Haibane Renmei where the main characters are immediately captivating – in fact, for the first 30 minutes of disc 1, I rather disliked Saga.

This post is kind of a compilation of some of my observations from throughout. Continues below the fold…

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