Galactica on demand

Sci-Fi will be offering free downloads of past Galactica episodes, along with previews of new episodes:

NBC Universal Cable and Sci Fi Channel will debut never-before-seen recap special Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far via free-on-demand and broadband prior to the premiere of the series’ third season on Sci Fi Oct. 6.

Beginning Aug. 28, viewers will have access to Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far; select full-length episodes from seasons one and two; and a two-minute weekly sneak peek of upcoming episodes from the new season.

In related news, recall that there’s a Galactica prequel series named “Caprica” in development, which will be set 50 years prior to the present one. It’s going to be a “family drama set in the corporate world“, not an explicitly sci-fi premise apart from its setting. Well, the Cylons will be there as humanity’s handmaidens, though given that in the Galactica pilot we saw the old “man in suit” Cylon of the 70’s show in a museum case, one wonders what the Cylons in the Caprica show will look like…

Season 3 premieres on Sci Fi on October 6th.