I see that my favorite television show, Battlestar Galactica, recently won a Peabody award, a first for the Sci-Fi channel. It’s good to see such a fantastic show with such exceptional writing, acting, and directing getting noticed. Is it too much to hope for an emmy? There are several on the show who I think would be worthy, but in particular James Callis (Dr. Baltar) should be singled out. He’s been so absolutely and utterly brilliant. I’m not sure anything quite like his performance has ever appeared on television.

3 thoughts on “Galactica”

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  2. Any opinion on the season 2 finale? Or is it too early to see, and too dependent on whether season 3 pays off the gamble?

  3. I think it is pretty clear that it wasn’t a dream sequence – comments from Ron Moore have confirmed it, but even without that meta-confirmation it’s fairly obvious that too much is happenning beyond Baltar’s knowledge for it all to be his fantasy.

    Therte are of course the tantalizing hooks – why are Starbuck and Apollo on the outs? Why are Starbuck and Tigh best buddies? Why is Apollo fat? 🙂

    it also seems that the two Preacher cylons were either lying about letting humanity go its own way, or that things changed significantly in the interim year within Cylon society. I hope the latter.

    One quibble was that the hybrid child is obviously undernourished. Over a year old and still being wrapped like a newborn?

    I imagine that the occupation of New Caprica will test the Cylons’ commitment to doing less harm, as well…

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