So, my ’02 explorer is at the dealer for some overnite maintenance and repair. They oferred me an ’05 F-150 4-door as my rental for the same price as an economy. Wheee!

This thing is BIG. Not that buying one woudl ever make economic or usability sense for me or my family (we’ll replace the explorer with an Odyssey or a Quest next, most likely) – but I really, really understand the appeal.

BTW, the reason I am driving in all the way to work today instead of just to the park n’ ride to take the bus is because I might need to leave a bit early to pick up the explorer. Seriously. Plus I’m a bit tired and want to grab some coffee on the way, but not drink it all in one shot, so I’d have to take the cup onto the bus, so it is easier to just drive in. Really.

Everyone living in Texas should drive a truck, at least once. I consider this my long overdue citizen’s exam. Its been 8 years after all.

2 thoughts on “F-150”

  1. We’ve had an Odyssey for a couple of years now — so far the most trouble-free vehicle we’ve ever had. (Even more so than our once-upon-a-time Taurus).

  2. Trucks are cool and definitely a part of Texas, but I think a Texan citizen exam would involve trucks and guns. 🙂

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