Japanese nationalism and the Nanking massacre

Japan and IslamRemember this old fracas a few years ago? In a nutshell, a Japanese muslim found my site Talk Islam and revealed a very ugly side of Japanese nationalism that I had never really known about before. He really got set off y a pretty reasonable comment by Steven, and eventually left promising never to return. Well, he returned, promising a more temperate mindset about the Chinese people. However, he has resumed denying the Nanking Massacre ever occurred, which frankly is new to me. I rank this up with Armenian and Holocaust genocide denial, but the depth to which he as a Japanese nationalist believes that his nation was incapable of such atrocities is astounding. He argues poorly but I’ve seen that same mindset before, in response to 9-11 of course being the main example.

Anyway, just though I’d mention it here, despite it straying uncomfortably close to the political line I try to avoid at all costs.

Here’s a more representative picture of Japan’s muslims, by the way.

2 thoughts on “Japanese nationalism and the Nanking massacre”

  1. Having three years experience in Nihon, I was quite gentle with my limited questioning. But well do I known the mindset from which he comes. Apparently, he has chosen to no longer engage.

    I am reasonably confident I am equal to any challenge he may profer.

    Thank you, for your offer to post on the sidebar. I decline at present but I very much appreciate your kind consideration.

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