May the 4th be with you: 3D Star Wars on blu-ray

Today is Star Wars Day and I am continuing my ongoing boycott of the movies on any form of digital media. Recall that I declared victory over LucasFilm, but then the Empire struck back.

Today, May 4th, is Star Wars Day and the Empire again promises revelations, bu I will not be fooled. The likely announcement is that the complete dual-trilogy is coming to Blu Ray, and most likely in 3D. has a big teaser for the URL which isn’t live just yet, but I assume that sometime today the site will go live with the announcement that we can see the total suckiness of Greedo shooting first in dark, dim 3D now.

Just to review, 3D is something I hate, and here’s why you should too. And here’s the case for why 3D will never work, case closed.

Couple the sheer gimmickry of 3D for its own sake, the long-standing insult of plot revisionism, and the overall disappointment of the Prequel Trilogy, and you have what’s shaping up to be a giant Ball of Suck(TM).

Count me out until I get what I want. the original trilogy, on regular DVD, no gimmicks, Han shot first. Until then, Star Wars is dead to me.

5 thoughts on “May the 4th be with you: 3D Star Wars on blu-ray”

  1. There is a version of the original trilogy on DVD that has two versions of each movie – the original, mostly unchanged version, and the special edition. The only caveat is that the original versions (where Han shoots first and the like) are not anamorphic widescreen (and maybe some other techno-snafus). Also, the cover art is this horrible photoshopped rendition of the original paintings from the posters (this, at least, is mostly irrelevant). However, I think this is the best we’re ever likely to get when it comes to being able to own the originals.

    Here’s the link to Empire, but they have the same thing for the original and Jedi:

  2. gah. I assume that a normal widescreen version of the originals IS entirely possible. The TV aspect ratio means that we’d be seeing pan-and-scan for key scenes. This just doesnt cut it.. and I’d advise anyone thinking about buying these crippled-original versions to refrain, why reward the insult with your money?

  3. Meh. I’m a 3D nut and always have been. Which just makes me annoyed by fake 3D conversions and ViewMaster reels of cartoon characters, which look like cardboard cutouts at a variety of depths. The whole reason Avatar was so amazing was he spent time thinking about the convergence issues mentioned in the above-linked articles.

    I won’t be paying for 3D conversions of Star Wars movies.

  4. Near as I can tell, those are not pan-and-scan versions. It’s 4×3, but letterboxed. That’s still not especially good (animorphic widescreen would be ideal), but from what I’ve heard, we will never see the original films as originally presented on DVD/Blu-Ray again. I can certainly understand the notion of waiting for the real thing, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. It’s likely not coming. I count myself lucky to have this (crappy) version on DVD.

  5. Well, I do have my VHS versions. I need to find a solution to rip tose to digital. I am concerned about how to circumvent the macrovision though. I assume that will still bite me in the arse…

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