my next phone: the Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 aka Montana

Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 (Montana)
RIM just made it official – the 9900/9930 will be released this summer. It’s a Blackberry Bold with a touch screen, so we get the best blackberry keyboard, the latest blackberry OS, and touch goodness in one package. Assuming it comes to Sprint, I will be grabbing this as soon as my current contract expires in June. And if it skips Sprint and goes to Verizon, I will follow. This is the King of Bberry, with a quad-band radio so I can continue to use it abroad. There’s no other device for worldwide travel that comes even close. My recent trips to India were with unlimited data and otehr friends picked up local BIS SIM cards to get unlimited voice. Meanwhile, my poor friends with iPhones were paying rapacious fees to AT&T for roaming on the megabyte. This alone is reason enough that I’ll never go iPhone, and that’s before you put the crack addiction of BBM into play.

In related news, RIM also announced video chat and a true Facebook app for their PlayBook tablet. The IPad still doesn’t have a native Facebook app, I should note. I think that a Playbook+Montana combo is a real synergy winner here.

Here’s the promo video of the 9900/9930 from RIM:

and a hands-on video via –

4 thoughts on “my next phone: the Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 aka Montana”

  1. touche! But i think you have Blackberries confused for StarTacs. It’s understandable, since neither adheres to Apple Space Odyssey minimalist design πŸ™‚ I suppose everything non-iphone looks alike in much teh same way that all the Transformers in the new movies do with all their jaggly bits. πŸ˜›

    I know you’re just teasing, but seriously though, the specs on this are not leaving me with any iphone envy at all. the 5MP camera is still less than half my Canon G9, but equivalent to the camera I had before it, so going backwards in pixel density is more than compensated for by the increase in actual at-hand availability (though I still use my G9 for family get togethers, vacations, etc).

    The main reason people are obsessed with their bberrys is the keyboard. Combining that with the touch screen and the new OS is really best of both worlds for people like me who just cannot handle the onscreen keyboard stuff. Dont get me wrong – i have an iPod, an iPad, and my wife’s iphone. So its not like Ive never tried, But anything longer than a sentence and i just get frustrated – the bberrys keyboard is superior to everything else. I admit I havent tried android but my opinion is, if I want an app-centric OS, why bother? Id go with iphone.

    And that is the point. Apps are fine, for ipad etc home stuff. But the universe of apps i actually need is very small (basically, twitter, facebook, and evernote). I dont watch movies on the go (and neither do iphone users, due to your 5GB cap). All I really need is a web browser, and the new OS uses webkit so its iphone equivalent there, plus it supports flash for marginally extra convenience.

    Im perfectly happy to concede that a bbery is not for everyione. I certaionly dont badmouth apple phones – my wife uses one after all, and i usually have an ipod in my bag anyway. Now, I wonder why iphone users dont have the same self confidence? πŸ˜‰

  2. Now, I wonder why iphone users dont have the same self confidence?

    Project much? There’s a difference between being defensive and being smug.

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