Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome – pilot episode SPOILERS

Now that Caprica has left television, the BSG universe churns on, with a new series set during the first Colonials-Cylon war. was sent an advance script and posted a spoileriffic summary of the first part of the two-part pilot episode.

What interested me the most was the direct connection to Caprica. And of course, the series is has the word Galactica in the title, so you can draw an inference from that. But since it’s a spoiler, specifics are below the fold:

Adama’s been assigned to the Galactica, a broken-down old vessel run by the equally as weary Silas Nash. His first mission? Fly a ‘Raptor’ – yes, a frakkin’ ‘Raptor’ – into battle. The mission? prevent some things from going BOOM! (Cylons have peppered the rocks with explosives).

Adama, of course, is a Viper pilot so only wants to fly a Viper.
Adama quickly earns a nickname, Husker – named so because of those that couldn’t steer their tractors right back on flask-carrying Coker’s home planet, Aerilon. The former hates it. Too late.

We quickly learn that Coker comes from a farming community, originally; Adama, however, has spent most of his life in the city – Caprica city.
The assignment that makes up the guts of the pilot has to do with Adama and Coker transporting a young Doctor Dr.Beka Kelly to Scorpian. It’s a routine mission that both pilots envision will be a relaxing cruise alongside the stars for two days (it’s described as a ‘milk run’ by Adama).

Shortly after takeoff Dr.Kelly hands Adama and Coker their ‘new orders’ – straight from the Admiralty. It indicates that they’re not to go to Scoprion but to rendezvous with the ship Archeron which is, we’re informed, “right on the edge of Cylon-controlled space”. Though reluctant, Adama and Coker are told they’re not allowed to make contact with Galactica until Archeron.

We learn on the trip that Dr. Kelly worked for Graystone Industries, helping design the last version of the MCP chips – their brain; the part of them that made them smarter and better killers – for the Cylons.