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Question for whoevere it is that still reads the blog on any semi-regular basis: is it too hard to comment here? I’m debating switching to a system like IntenseDebate and my goal is to really make it very easy to leave a comment without making you jump through any hoops, while still preserving me from an onslaught of spam.

I’d like to solicit your opinions – especially if you usually don’t comment but read regularly.

FYI here’s the features that using IntenseDebate would bring. I just want to remove obstacles to discussion, basically.

3 thoughts on “comment policies”

  1. I have no problems with this comments setup, but as someone who has to deal with comment spam myself, I’m more tolerant of comment system hassles than your average user. My recent woes forced me to enable a captcha, something I’d hoped to avoid, but I just can’t deal with spam anymore… So yeah, do whatever you need, I’ll figure out how to comment!

  2. The built in comments are one of the few that doesn’t give problems on a mobile device.

    Also, I hate any system with karma or likes or whatever. All they do is promote tribalism, partisanship and strife. Virtually no one rates on how good the comment was, just on if they agree with it. Some of my best comments are from people I disagree with. (they give me a reason to leave a brilliant reply)

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