4 thoughts on “Kirk versus Picard: the die is cast”

    1. the videos don’t load? These are standard YouTube embeds, should be visible as long as you have teh Flash player installed.

      Maybe theres a way for me to edit the embed code to default to HTML5 so no plugin is needed…

      UPDATE ok try again. does it work now? (btw, dont blame me if you suffer adverse effects … you were safer not being able to watch them 🙂

  1. They’re there now.

    Also, some of this may be my fault. My regular computer is being repaired, and I’m using my backup machine, which is 5 years old and runs XP.

  2. well, its good practice for me to embed the new iframe codes instead of the old crufty embeds. For precisely teh reason you state – not everyone might be running Win7 Ultimate on a PC with chops like my PREFECT.

    Speaking of which, I really need to do a summary post on PREFECT, and also PROSSER my Dell Mini Hackintosh. But I digress.

    (I assume that my hardware posts make my fellow otakus’ eyes glaze over. At some point I will actually start blogging about anime again.)

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